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About us





Our company was founded in 1996 and is totally in private ownership. Our main area of specialization is the pine made log-house, which has conquered the internal and intenational markets in a short time, due to the quality of our work and the adherence to the strict deadlines. Our secondary line of business is the distribution of sawn timber, as well as the transportation of timber, as the company has it's own carriers. The family's home are made after customized plans, according to the demand of the customer, of double striated- mortised lumber. The houses are assembled and ready for review at our building site, and after acceptance from the customer it is transported and assembled at the required place by our specialists.

Precise and quality work is a very important point of view for our company, and thanks to permanent development now we are working with a modern program for projection control of the production, of German origin (SEMA).

The production of houses is performed with CNC devices of German origin (SCHMIDLER). Because of the wide usage profile of these devices we can manage the production of complicated roofing systems too.

At last, our company possesses the Valid National Technical Approval, and the ISO 9001 certificate concerning quality management systems.