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The walls are made of compact logs, witch are covered with a 10 (or regarding the customers preferences) cm thick thermal insulation layer, then the vapor proof layer and finally the internal wainscoting, attached to the bolster which can be wooden paneling – 22 mm – with a tip floor width of 15 cm, or any other attachable internal covering material – plasterboard, ashlaring, betonip plate etc., which allow the realisation of board variety of interior designs. Concerning the individual preferences, we can build truss houses, with a 22 cm thick exterior cover, between this comes the 10 cm thick thermal insulation layer, on this, inside comes the vapor proof layer and the 22 mm thick and 15 cm wide paneling,

The chosen windows and doors are built into a so called blind – framing (pre cut penning) with a stabilizer screw joint, which allow the windows to be independent from the natural movements of the building, and from the deformation caused by them. Both on the external and the internal wall surface the system is issued with a protective cover, attached to the blind – framing. Our recommended window has the following specifications: not artificially dried, it's material borovi – or red pine, without any elongations, glued profile of four layers, manufactured with a glazure coating, authentic mortise measure with a k=1,1 W/m2 thermal insulation glazing, completed with a self lubricating security shoeing, aluminium water diverting unit, and venetian blind (on special request).

Our yearly innovated garden furniture range suits our market demand for excellent quality and reliable products that last. Harmonized shapes, well worked material, the high resistance gives for years comfortable sitting sets to customers. The sets are made from pine, they have superior surface finishing. Before use they need to be treated with natural – friendly products that we can do in the seat of the company.

Log houses

The family houses are made based on customized plans, according to the demand of the customer of double striated-mortised beams with a cross section of 90x143 mm, 110x170 mm, at the same time we manufacture double striated-mortised arched saw-log type log houses with a cross section of 140x143 mm.
The houses are reviewed by the client ready for assembling at our building site, after which they are transported to the required place and assembled by our specialists.

110 x 170 mm
90 x 143 mm
140 x 143 mm (rönkhatású)